Tourist Places

Preferred Itinerary

We will suggest our guests to plan for staying at least 2 nights and 3 days, so that you can enjoy your trip to Daringbadi. The below mentioned is the preferred itinerary from our side that we suggest to all our guests so that you can explore all the areas with less time and ease:

Day - 2

MandasoruKuti in Raikia Block

42 Kms: It is a beautiful and well maintained park which is gives the view of a lot of mountains around. You can also hear your voice echoed from the mountain if you could say out loud.

Lover’s Point

In Dadubada is another place of tourist interest. It is 19 KMs away from Daringbadi on the way to Balliguda(Sub-Division HQ). It is near a village called Kirikuti. The place is surrounded by dense lush green forests and river flows with a gush over rocks. There are a few natural cave formations in its vicinity. One could organize picnic and just enjoy its pristine beauty.

Emu Bird Sanctuary

An Emu farm, near Dadubada is also a place of tourist interest. It is a private farm with a big flock of Emu birds. The place is worth a visit.

Dasingbadi Waterfall

It a waterfall that is deep inside forest with breath taking splendor. It is located 15 KMs away from Daringdabi on the way to Bamunigam.

Pine forest and DuluriRiver

The pine forest is 2 Kms away from the little tribal town Daringbadi, towards the south. Tall pine green belt is spread on both sides of the road to Baunigam. Plantation was made in the early seventies by the forest department. The Duluririver flows along the pine forest, enhancing the beauty of the landscape. The river rolls over a stony bed, which attrats people for picnics.

Coffee Plantation Garden

It is another attraction of the hill station. It is spread over 45 hectares of land and managed by Soil Conservation Department of Odisha. The garden is covered with tall Siver Oak trees and twining around the trunk and the bark of the mighty trees are the little, hot black pepper creepers. The shade of the garden is fascinating. One could spend hours under its shade.

Sunset Point (silent valley)

It is the last spot of the day where you can experience the amazing sun set and have some fantastic photo sessions.

Hill View Park

It is a major attraction of Daringbadi with a watch tower, a children park and much more. One can enjoy the view endless hills, beautiful valleys, and the pine forests from its cradle. The fountain and the garden add colour to it.

Nature’s Park also called Butterfly Park

It is a eco park made by Forest department, Govt. of Odisha where there exists medicinal garden, butterfly park with a rockery surrounded by dense forest.

Day - 3


Harabanghi Dam,     Jerang Buddhist Monastry,      Khasada waterfall,      TaptaPani,      Gopalpur Sea Beach

Drop at Brahmapur railway station or any hotel in Gopalpur.

Sightseeing Charges:

By Indigo:
For 2 – 4 Persons: Rs. 2000/-

By Bolero:
For 5 – 8 Persons:Rs. 2500/-

Day – 3 Trip is optional for guests if you want to avail then you can discuss with our Manager at Hotel. You have to pay extra for Day-3 trip.

1. Prices here are tentative which may change or fluctuate considering the change in prices for Diesel. The prices mentioned are just for your rough approximation so that you can plan your budget and make up your mindset accordingly.
2. The prices mentioned above are all non-AC. For availing AC service for commute then a charge of Rs. 200 per hour will be applicable.

Fooding Arrangements:

You can select from a range of food choices available in the “Menu” provided in each room.
We also provide fooding package** for Rs 400 Per day / person which includes:

  • Breakfast – Tea and Puri sabji/ Aluparatha/ Bread Jam/ Bread omlet.
  • Lunch – Chicken Thali / Fish Thali/ Egg Thali / Veg Thali
  • Evening Snacks: Pakoda & tea
  • Dinner- Roti/ Rice & Chicken/ Egg Curry/ Veg Curry.

You can easily enjoy your meal at our restaurant and dining at ground floor which is specially for our guests. We also serve the meal to your room if requested.

**Guests are requested to give your order for meals at least 4 hours in advance before the serving time so that we can arrange for your meal conveniently.